Thursday, May 15, 2008

artists include...

Andrew Harper, Scot Cotterell, Tim Noble, Braddock (city lights/froth industries), Empire (die laughing), Kirsty Madden, Ghostpatrol, Jamin (die laughing), Lisa Campbell-Smith, Andy Vagg, Lachlan Conn (forepaw), Lindsay Cox, Michael Prior (tape projects),Lindsay Arnold, Moira Corby, Pip Stafford, Kate Kelly, with performances by Cycle, Chrysalis, Global Ethnic (lach conn and michael prior), and Please if I have missed anyone, feel free to beat me about the cranium.

Also, thankyou documentation photo credits to Nic Fitzgerald, Shaun Wilson,Emma Maloney, Matthew Bonner, Kelly Eijdenberg, Craig Opie- (CAST and Artlink images),Guy Hawksley- Video Doc, Moira Corby, Lisa Campbell Smith,Nadia Abdulrahim.

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