Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello ONO-philes

The concept behind ONO, is to utilize existing derelict urban spaces- in this case the old Education Department swimming pool at 212 Collins St, and for one night only to transform it into a site responsive art experience,showcasing the work of 20 locally and nationally recognised emerging artists working across a range of mediums.

The idea behind ONO, is to redefine the concept of Art Space, to free the work and the artists from the traditional gallery/exhibition mode of working and in choosing a site that is vacant/ derelict or due for demolition, to allow them the opportunity to thoroughly explore their response to the site without inhibition.

We are looking at this project with a hope to developing this theme in other non gallery spaces in the future both in Hobart and interstate.

ONO is about new art and new artists, working across a range of disciplines, an opportunity for the experimentation of ideas.

It is a celebration of the freedom that an artist run initiative allows emerging artists and art-forms and is comment on urban spaces as possible sites of artistic merit, and as being capable of serving an artistic function.

The recent success of our March One Night Only event is owed much to the fantastic community and artist support, so firstly, thanks to all of you who got in there and supported the project.
Also, special thanks to CAST gallery for their very generous support of the Project.
It was a great night, we have had fantastic feedback and we had a huge turnout.

If you missed it, a review can be read in the next edition of Artlink, and there wil be an article in the June edition of Apple also.

Having said that, if you did miss the show, do not despair, thre will be more ONO action in the not too distant future!

Stay tuned, and for now, here re some pics for your enjoyment, more pics to come...

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